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The Ruby Cherry CAD Cloud (RC3) is a BYOL customizable cloud environment for microelectronics design, research and education.  RC3 is powered by AWS and hosted in customer-owned new or existing AWS accounts.  Remote graphical Linux sessions are managed and accessed via an inutitive and easy-to-use web interface.  RC3 can be fully integrated with the complete suite of Ruby Cherry EDA CAD services.    Your RC3 design or coursework environment can be up and running within days!


Scroll down to read about the features and options of RC3 and its different use cases.  Contact us for additional information.  We hope to see you in the Cloud!


Web Interface


Mate Desktop


AWS Architecture



• OpenPBS scheduler with compute nodes launched and terminated as needed • a user-friendly WebUI; optional SSH access determined by security requirements • optional file transfer via GUI or SMTP determined by security requirements • NiceDCV Desktop Clients, supporting multiple desktops and collaborative sessions • scalable storage options to meet your needs and budget • built-in life-cycle management for your files to minimize storage costs • AWS best practices for security and a variety of VPN solutions • customer and vendor oversight and auditing • analytics dashboard for fine-grained tracking of costs and performance


• expert CAD support for analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal design • BYOL license management for EDA tools and other software from vendors such as Cadence, Synopsys and Siemens • Ruby Cherry EDA propriety methodology flows • Ruby Cherry EDA proprietary compute job optimization algorithm • support for design management and version control • tapeout services • integrated user-management system


RC3 for microelectionics education allows students to gain authentic chip design experience with industry-standard Linux tools. The cloud environment enables universities to take advantage of deep academic discounts offerred by leading EDA tool vendors without the expense and specialized IT and CAD knowledge needed to support on premises computing.  The RC3 for Education environment was designed in consultation with university faculty, administrators, education researchers and students.  Students connect to remote graphical sessions on individual,  dedicated vCPUs.    Underlying compute resources are hibernated when desktops are idle, controlling costs while allowing students to pick up where they left off when they resume working. RC3 for Education offers low-cost, per-student scalability,  with on-demand local desktops configured to match lower compute demands of coursework. RC3 for Education is optimized for maximal performance at minimal cost.


RC3 HPC for microelectronics design and research can be deployed at any scale. Per user and per project budgets ensure that costs can be tracked and controlled. With on-demand compute power charged by the minute, you can run batch jobs in parallel (while you grab a coffee). Servers with up to 448 vCPUs and 1.2 TB of memory are also available on demand, along with GPU desktop sessions which can be launched as needed.

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