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Technical Administrator (Part-time, remote)

Ruby Cherry EDA has an opening for a part-time, remote Technical Administrator.   A willingness to learn about new technologies, seek out information and ask (lots) of questions are required.   Responsibilities include managing customer cloud accounts, monitoring our automated user management and customer support systems, and maintaining our back-office database.  This position is not customer facing; Hebrew language proficiency is not required.

Ruby Cherry EDA provides specialized consulting services for microchip design and cloud computing to industry and academic organizations.   Our customers include industry leaders in semiconductor design, such as Samsung and Intel, universities, such as Bar-Ilan University and Tel Aviv University,  and startups in Israel, the US, Europe and Asia.    As our Technical Administrator you will have a unique opportunity to gain a big picture understanding of microchip design and cloud computing, mentored by industry and education experts.

Following your successful integration into Ruby Cherry EDA, you will have an opportunity, if you desire,  to join our cloud computing team by obtaining AWS (Amazon Web Services) certifications.   We will sponsor and support you through this process, including payment of all associated fees and paid release time to prepare for certification exams.  Candidates with a background in mathematics, computer science or engineering may be offered the opportunity to become CAD interns or junior CAD engineers..  We anticipate that the scope of the position with grow with your increasing experience and knowledge, along with the possibility of transitioning to a full-time position, if you wish. 


  • Managing customer accounts with public cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure

  • Monitoring and working with our automated user management and customer support systems

  • Keeping our back-office database up to date


Required qualifications:

  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office or Google Docs and Google Sheets

  • Experience working with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or equivalent

  • Advanced knowledge of written and spoken English

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Independent, self-motivated and inquisitive learner with a willingness to ask questions

  • Access to a fast internet connection

  • At least one year of undergraduate (1st degree) education or equivalent army or other experience

  • Facility with Google Translate


Preferred qualifications:

  • Basic command of spoken Hebrew

  • Big picture knowledge of programming languages or cloud computing

  • Experience working with databases

  • Previous experience working in a small company


This is ten-hour (per week), remote position requiring a daily commitment of two (flexible) hours.  There are in-person company meetings a few times a year and a weekly Zoom meeting (which we try our best to schedule at a time convenient for everyone. )   Occasionally there may be opportunity for additional hours.  New Olim and students are encouraged to apply. Salary is commensurate with experience.

To apply:

Send a C.V. (resume) and a cover letter in English to The letter should include the following elements:

  • Explain why you think this job is a good fit for you.

  • Point out no more than three items from your resume that you think are most relevant to this position and provide some details about these skills/experiences.

  • Provide a link to your LinkedIn profile.  (If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile—you should.  But if you don’t, you can still apply for the position.)

  • Describe an anecdote (small story) about yourself that demonstrates your self-motivation as a learner and your willingness to ask questions.

  • Give an example of an Office or Google Docs/Sheets skill you learned independently by using  Google, YouTube or something similar.

  • Tell us something you’d like us to know about you which is not part of your resume.

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