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Senior CAD Engineer

Ruby Cherry EDA has an opening for a Senior CAD Engineer with a B.S. degree in electrical engineering and 6+ years of industry experience.  Experience with EDA/CAD tool automation and flow development is required.  Responsibilities include developing and maintaining design tools and environments for our clients in the semiconductor industry. 


You are expected to achieve basic AWS (Amazon Web Services) technical certification within your first three months of employment.  We will sponsor and support you through this process, including payment of all associated fees and paid release time to prepare for the certification exam.



  • developing and maintaining design tools and environments

  • EDA/CAD tool automation and flow development 

  • scripting for automation

  • managing libraries

  • tool chain development

  • license management

  • load management   


Required qualifications:

  • B.S. degree in electrical engineering and 6+ years of industry experience

  • experience with EDA/CAD tool automation and flow development. 

  • advanced knowledge of Cadence Virtuoso

  • knowledge of Python

  • experience with bash

  • knowledge of SKILL

  • experience with the Git version control system

  • ability to navigate a Linux computing environment using elementary Linux commands

  • good interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively

  • basic proficiency with written and spoken English. 


Preferred qualifications:

  • advanced knowledge of written and spoken English

  • experience with additional version control systems such as SVN and Perforce

  • ability to configure and manage a Linux computing environment including knowledge of DNS, LDAP, LSF, and FlexLM

  • familiarity with the RHEL Linux computing environment


To apply:

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